Finding profitable, underdeveloped developments sites

With artificial intelligence, we are able to help clients find profitable development sites and provide architectural schematic designs for the potential developments.

Feasibility and strategy

With integrated solution for the entire property development life cycle, we help clients to build up robust financial strategies and make prudent investments with confidence by solving questions:

– Is the project financially feasible and beneficial?

– Does it align with the policy goals and deliver social benefits?

– What’s the best commercial delivery structure of business model?

And based on our market knowledge and deep understanding of evolving regulatory issues, we work with clients to craft right strategies.

Procurement advice

With detailed big data cost databases and experience of experts from across Archmap’s many disciplines, we help clients make projects resilient to future by adopting cutting edge technologies and forming new approaches to procurement and supply chain management.

Project management

Based on our automation workflow system, we can help clients to support projects throughout the whole building life cycle and adding value in different ways by drawing our wide knowledge and taking time to considering the possibilities.

– Where can efficiency and savings be produced across the whole commission?

– How to make sure the clients’ investments are truly beneficial over the long-term.

– How to ensure the projects to stay in control of costs and can stay forward looking?

Digital technology

Our digital services team are able set up projects’ overall building information management by integrating visualization, internet of things and artificial intelligence, aiding the stakeholder’s engagement throughout the whole project life cycle.

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